Smashbox Double Exposure Tutorial #2

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! May this year of Goat brings you lots of luck, prosperity, and great health! I’m sorry I’ve been missing this week, has been quite a busy week with personal life. Things are settling down soon hopefully. Anyways, today’s Smashbox Double Exposure tutorial is a little bit smoky and with some
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Valentine’s Day Soft Makeup

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and here’s my Valentine’s Day Soft Makeup look! I used my brand new Smashbox Double Exposure Palette for this look, and couple other new products which I just recently bought. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram to see what else I got besides the palette! Anyways, for
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Beauty Restore Hydrating MaskerAide

Hello readers! It’s been a while, eh? I have gotten over my jet lag, snow storm, and flu. It was quite a tough week to handle since I was feeling super weak! Anyways, have you guys been following my Instagram? If you haven’t please do follow me there to get in touch or to stay
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Kat Von D Monarch Palette Tutorial – Smokey

I am back! Sorry for missing for a week, guys! I’m actually in Canada right now, so I had to deal with jet lag and weather change, actually I got sick for a while due to the change in weather. Anyways, I did a tutorial before I left, but didn’t have the chance to post
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Tarnished Gold Smokey Eyes

I wanted to share with you guys my favorite way of wearing a warm smokey eyes, without having to use too many products. My Tarnished Gold Smokey eyes tutorial is warm, it’s earthy, and it doesn’t look too dark. You can add more intensity by adding black eyeshadow on the outer V, but this is
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Lime Crime Wicked Tutorial

It has been a rough week! How is everyone holding up? My week has been crazy so far, and today I finally have the chance to update my blog! Anyways, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily updates! Anyways, I recently purchased Lime Crime Wicked Velvetine lipstick,  which I’m sure you’d have known
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Soft Romantic Makeup (Revisited)

I’ve done a lot of UD Naked 3 makeup tutorials, and though most of them are smoky eyes, I do have a few non-smoky eyes tutorials. I was looking back on those tutorials, and I’ve decided to revisit this Soft Romantic Makeup post. I actually liked how I did my makeup in that post, but
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My Travel Makeup Essentials

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hello, everyone! I am back! I wish you all a great year ahead of you and may 2015 fulfill all your wishes! Anyways, I’m glad to be back blogging, it’s been a while, but the holiday was awesome! I was quite confused as to which post do I want to publish as
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Holiday Party Makeup #4 – Glitter Liner Tutorial

Almost NEW YEAR! I wish everyone a great year ahead! 2014 was fun, it was a bit rocky for me, but nevertheless a good year. 2014 has passed, and here to a great 2015! Hopefully in 2015 everything will go even better! I cannot wait to start 2015, and I have a feeling it’ll be
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Holiday Party Makeup #3 – New Year

Since I’ll be away and busy, I won’t be posting the how-to for this tutorial and the next one. Instead, I’ll post the usual photos and just product list. I’ll be posting another Holiday Party Makeup tutorial in couple days, but this post and the next one are scheduled. So, if you have any questions
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Holiday Party Makeup #2

Merry Christmas (eve), everyone! I wanted to do a dark lips look for this Holiday Party Makeup tutorial for a while, but I also included an option to go for a light lips for those who prefer a peachy/nude lips. For the eyes, you can always opt for a simpler look, but I wanted to
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Simple Everyday Makeup

How is everyone’s Monday going? The Holiday is approaching real soon, eh?! I wanted to share with you guys this super easy and simple everyday makeup tutorial which can be worn by everyone, especially those who don’t usually wear much makeup. I did 2 version – one with a simple peachy lips, and another with
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