Red Lips with Revlon Fire and Ice

Another lips look, as mentioned, but this time I’ve decided to use this gorgeous shade - Revlon Fire and Ice. Apparently, this shade was first launched in the 50s, so of course I have to have it!To find out more about the history of this iconic shade, feel free to read about it in Fire
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Summer Lips with NARS Schiap

I posted a picture of this look on Instagram, and asked if anyone would like to see it since I don’t actually love how it turned out. However, lots of my followers on Instagram commented to post this tutorial, to my surprise. I think my mistake with this look is with the eyes. May be
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Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses [Guest Post]

Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses – The Best Contacts for Every Wearer Any individual, who wears contact lenses on the go, would always have the fear of forgetting to take them off at night. This negligence does not bring immediate effects to the eyes but if it becomes a habit then it can cause serious
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How to: Winged Eyeliner

I finally got around to post this tutorial. Sorry for being M.I.A this week, I was busy and I got really sick. Anyways, this how to winged eyeliner tutorial was a request from a former student of mine. I’ve done something similar in my Sugar and Spice tutorial. You can use a tape, yes scotch
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Available for Bookings in Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi all! I just wanted to share my current works with you, while I’m in Jakarta. Just to let you know, I am available for makeup, eyelash extension, as well as beauty workshop bookings in Indonesia. If you have followed me on Instagram, and Facebook, you’d probably already seen these pictures! If you want to
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Urban Decay Electric Palette Review

Finally, I managed to upload this Urban Decay Electric Palette review! Since my week starts on Monday, this is still counted as being posted on this week! I tried to upload it earlier today, but my internet at home wasn’t working. Anyways, let’s get back to this review, shall we?! From Urban Decay website “Chaos-inducing
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Urban Decay Electric Makeup Look #2

Another look using Urban Decay Electric palette! I will do a review and swatch the shades this week, promise! I was just playing with the colors for today’s look, and decided to post this tutorial up. I was expecting the orange shade, Slow Burn, to be a little bit lighter. However, it turned up to
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Kat Von D Monarch Palette Makeup Tutorial

A new tutorial! As you all know from my Instagram, I just recently posted a sneak preview of today’s tutorial there. I used my brand new Kat Von D Monarch Palette, and I love it! I think this palette is going to be one of my favorites this year. Amazing colors, great pigmentation, so smooth
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Fun and Colorful Makeup using Urban Decay Electric

Hello, Jakarta! I’m home!!! How is everyone doing? Finally I’m able to post a new tutorial! Today’s tutorial is a fun, colorful, bright look using the new Urban Decay Electric palette! I bought this palette when I was in Toronto just last week, and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Anyways, I’ll try
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My Easter Weekend

Hey guys!!! Ok, just a quick update since I know I haven’t post anything this week. I’ve mentioned on Twitter that I’m all packed and ready for another journey, and that I won’t be posting any tutorial this week (and probably next week). I just want to let you all know that I’ll be traveling
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Colorful Carnival Makeup

As Easter is approaching this weekend, and Carnival next weekend, I wanted to do a tutorial that incorporates super bright and really fun colors onto my makeup. This Colorful Carnival Makeup look is inspired by the ladies in Jamaica, who are unafraid to wear bright eyeshadows! I used Sleek Makeup Ultra Matte Brights V1 for
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Lavender Grey using NARSissist Palette

For this week’s tutorial, I decided to use my NARSissist Palette again! I fell in love with this palette all over again. I feel like it’s such a great palette with a more mature color option. For today’s tutorial, I picked out my favorite shades which were in the range of grey, lavender, and violet.
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