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Lily Cole Bodyshop Shimmer Cube Look #2

I wanted to do another tutorial using the Lily Cole BodyShop Shimmer Cube that I bought in April. I’ve done a review in this post Body Shop Lily Cole Shimmer Cube, and a tutorial in this Spring Lilac post. I really love the eyeshadow combination, and wanted to create another look that’s wearable and not
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Dark Forest

I wanted to do a smoky look just for a night-out on the weekend, and decided to go with green eyeshadow instead of my usual purple. I wanted a dark smoky eyes, but at the same time I want color in it. I was just a very fussy person..hahaha..anyways, I did this look in less
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I love this combo! Green and orange are so pretty together. Anyways, I did not do a full face makeup for this tutorial since I was just playing with my Sleek Makeup iDivine Snapshot palette. However, I do thought it was pretty, so I decided to post this up. My lid was prep using MAC
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Under the Sea

The start of this week has been quite upsetting! Anyways, to cheer myself up I decided to do a tutorial with uber bright colors! Since I’ve been using lots of purple lately, I’ve decided to use blue and greens. The eyeshadow on the inner corner showed up as yellow for some reason, even though it’s
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Product of the Week: Sariayu K. Karimunjawa

This week in Product of the Week installment, I’m presenting another Sariayu eyeshadows! I’m loving this Indonesian makeup brand so much. It’s affordable, pigmented and widely available. Martha Tilaar’s other brand, which is P.A.C is actually designed for makeup artist, but I find that Sariayu (also by Martha Tilaar) has the same quality as P.A.C
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Northern Lights

Today’s look was inspired by a photography of the Nothern Lights by Phillipe Moussette. The colors in the photo were so beautiful and breathtaking. Also, since I just bought a new palette, I wanted to try the colors from that palette, so the green isn’t exactly the same as the green in the inspiration photo.
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A Hint of Mint

I saw a picture of a really cool eye makeup on my facebook a few days a go, and I told myself that I was going to do an inspired look by that makeup this weekend. So I did! I didn’t save the picture and I don’t remember who posted that look, but what I
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MAC FashionFlower – Lucky Green/Bows&Curtseys

I decided to grab these 2 colours from the MAC FashionFlower collection since they’re the ones that stand out the most. Very well pigmented and I love the finish of the shadows – Veluxe Pearl for Lucky Green and Satin for Bows & Curtseys. Lucky Green has hint of gold, almost chartreuse like colour. Bows
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