Smoky Eyes using MAC Rose Gold Pigment

At one point some time last year, I was crazy about anything Rose Gold. In fact, I am still obsessed with anything Rose Gold. Anyhow, I was browsing  around and saw this MAC Rose Gold pigment on their website. I bought it, and played with it. To be honest, when it first came, I was
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Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner Review

As you guys probably know, I made a trip to Sephora this past week when they just opened their first store in Jakarta. I purchased couple stuffs, and one of them include Benefit’s latest eyeliner. I’ve heard many praises about this liner, so I decided to take it out for a test drive. Keep reading
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White Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Ok, so this White Eyeliner makeup tutorial is actually my World Cup 2014 England Inspired Makeup, as requested by Nurina over on facebook. However, since World Cup is over, I didn’t want to title it as England inspired makeup. Not to mention, I feel like this look can be worn during Indonesia’s Independence Day which
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Elizabeth Olsen for Flaunt Magazine

Newest, and latest Hollywood “IT” Girl is none other than Elizabeth Olsen! Yes, the youngest Olsen sister is making a name for herself! You’ve probably seen her in couple movies, but most recently Elizabeth was seen in the Hollywood version of Godzilla. You’ll also going to see more of her soon in the big screen,
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World Cup 2014 Germany Inspired Makeup

Tonight (Indonesian time) is the final match for FIFA World Cup 2014. A match between Germany and Argentina! So, for today’s tutorial I’m going to do a Germany inspired makeup. For Argentina’s makeup, I’ve done it in my World Cup 2014 Argentina Inspired Makeup post. I’ll do another tutorial that was requested for my last
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World Cup 2014 Argentina Inspired Makeup

We are almost at the end of the World Cup 2014. Today I’m going to do Argentina inspired makeup, which consists mainly of light blue and white. I find it difficult to combine this shade with the rest of my makeup. I had to change my lip colors a few times before I was satisfied
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Zendaya for Flaunt Magazine

You guys know who Zendaya is right? Come on, you should really check this upcoming starlet out! This gorgeous lady is a multi-talented American actress, singer, and dancer! Anyhow, I’d like to share her interview piece, and video with you. So, head over to Flaunt Magazine website to check out the interview, or click on
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Pink Smokey Eyes Tutorial with UD Naked 3

If you guys followed my Instagram account, you’d have known that last night I was doing a tutorial, yes? Anyways, today’s look is a Pink Smokey Eyes tutorial using Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Yes, again! Naked 3 again! I know you guys might have gotten bored with Naked 3, but I have not. I
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World Cup 2014 Netherlands Inspired Makeup

Go, Oranje! Today’s look is a Netherlands Inspired Makeup, a second installment to my World Cup 2014 series! I know this look is super orange, so feel free to change the lip color if you’d like. I just wanted to make everything orange for fun. If you want to know which team I chose to
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Night Out Makeup Tutorial

Today’s Night Out Makeup tutorial is a collaboration with Aria Resort in Las Vegas. I was approached by them to create a look for a night out in town. I took a look at pictures of their beautiful resort, and was inspired to do this gorgeous metallic smoky eyes. So, I used the picture below
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World Cup 2014 Brazil Inspired Makeup

Are you guys following FIFA World Cup 2014?! I sure did, and I’m rooting for Brazil! Go Brazil!!! Anyways, since I’m showing my support for Brazil, I decided to do this Brazil Inspired Makeup. I’d probably do a World Cup inspired makeup series for the next couple weeks just for fun! I wanted to post
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Smoky Eyes with a Neon Eyeliner

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone is doing great this weekend! I posted this look on Instagram last night, and I almost forgot to upload it today. Anyways, as mentioned on my Instagram account, this smoky eyes with a neon eyeliner look is a recreation from @jenmiamakeup. She’s one of the many great makeup artists who
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