Valentine’s Day Makeup using UD Naked 3

Happy mid-week, everyone! Valentine’s day is just a few weeks away, and I wanted to create a soft, feminine makeup using UD Naked 3. This Valentine’s Day makeup is girly, warm, and rose-hued. The eyes are made to look bigger and brighter. I’ll do another smoky eyes tutorial using UD Naked 3 for Valentine’s day
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Epicare Facial Hair Remover [Sponsored Review]

Couple weeks a go, I received a package from Nail Polish Canada, and inside was the Epicare Facial Hair Remover. I’d like to say a big thanks to Tiffany for sending me the package! I wasn’t too sure how to use this product at first until I saw the demonstration video on Nail Polish Canada
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How to Fill in Eyebrows

Today’s post is a requested tutorial on how to fill in eyebrows. I was asked to do a tutorial on how I do my eyebrows for my tutorials, and how I get my edges sharp. So, here’s a tutorial on how to do it. I know I’ve done a few brows tutorial before with different
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Coral Eyes with Sleek Makeup Showstoppers

Alright! So, I’ve been wanting to do another tutorial using Sleek Makeup Showstoppers palette (if you are in Southeast Asia region, you can buy it from Luxola). I wanted to use the coral shade since it’s so pretty! I’ve done another tutorial using the same palette in my Smoky Purple post. Oh also, I’ve done
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Wearable Purple Eye Makeup

How is everyone this week? It’s been really cold here in Canada! If you are anywhere in the colder region, keep yourself warm, yes?! Anyways, due to the cold gloomy weather, I wanted to create a look in which I incorporated a little bit of colour. I’ve decided to do a wearable purple eye makeup.
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Soft Romantic Makeup using UD Naked 3

I’m sure you guys are getting tired of my UD Naked 3 obsession, but I have to share this look with you just to show how versatile this palette is. Today tutorial, I’m using UD Naked 3 to create a soft romantic makeup which can be used for daily makeup, date makeup, and even bridal
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Product of The Week: UD Naked 3 Review

Finally, I get the chance to do the UD Naked 3 review! As you all know, I LOVE this Naked 3 palette. I’ve done several tutorials with this palette- Rose Smoky Eyes, UD Look#2, Berry lips, and Rose Smoky Eyes 3. I do owned the other 3 palettes, Naked 1, Naked 2, and Naked Basics.
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Neutral Eyes & MAC Diva Lipstick

I was asked to do a “Bella Twilight” inspired tutorial. I don’t watch Twilight since I don’t like it, so I had to google up some images of Bella. Her makeup is mostly very natural, with very little blush. I decided to use Bella’s eye makeup as an inspiration for the eyes. However, I changed
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L’oreal Infallible Purple Obsession

I was watching Lisa Eldridge Purple Glitter youtube video, and wanted to re-create that look on myself. It definitely looks amazing, and since I do own a pot of purple glitter I wanted to give it a shot. I do not have all the products that she used on the video, so I had to
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Rose Smokey Eyes III with UD Naked 3

I think I’ve made my obsession with UD Naked 3 palette pretty clear – I’m in love with it! The colors are wonderful, the pigments are so easy to blend, the double-ended brush is pretty amazing. What’s not to love?! So, to show another appreciation for this palette, I’ve decided to do another the third
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In Trend: Hair Do 2014 [Guest Post]

Karlie Kloss, a model for Vogue recently got a new haircut that has really captured the imagination of the people. The hype has been so surreal regarding her hairstyle that New York Times did an article about it and Vogue themselves detailed her cut. The hair cut falls perfectly between the shoulders and the chin
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Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

Today black smokey eye tutorial is a requested look by¬† Nurina, who asked for a Taylor Momsen look. I decided to do Taylor’s signature look – the black smokey eyes. Anyways, I’ve done something similar to this look in my Classic Smoky Eyes using UD Naked post. Since this tutorial is a bit more intense,
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