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Silver Fox

I was mesmerized by Chanel’s Spring 2013 RTW runway makeup, that I’ve decided to do an inspired look based on it. I usually prefer warm-toned colors, like gold and bronze over silver, so it was definitely interesting to do this look. I used Tinsel eyeshadow from the Sleek Makeup iDivine Sparkle 2 palette in this
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Spring/Summer 2013 RTW Beauty

Hi everyone! I’m back! Just to give a quick update, last week I was in Japan for a short trip. I just returned on Saturday and currently I’m having fever, coughs and stuffy nose. I promise I’ll try to put up a post as soon as I can, but please bear with me the posts
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Givenchy Bucolic Blossoms

Since I’ve been doing a lot of in-your-face bright colour makeup, I thought it’d be fun to do something bright but softer. I don’t know if you guys know this makeup artist, Lisa Elridge (and a great youtube guru), but I love her..no, I adore her! She’s my inspiration and one of the few REAL
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Maybelline 24-hour Colour Tattoo

By now, most of you should already know my love for Maybelline 24-hour Colour Tattoo cream gel shadow here and here. Little did you know, I actually bought 2 colours from this collection. I had to do this tutorial. This colour combination is beautiful and so simple! The cream shadows blend so easily together and
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The Coloured Eyeliner

Today’s tutorial is something that I like to wear when I go out just for fun. I love black eyeliner, but sometimes, life is more fun than just a plain black eyeliner. Like Francois Nars said “Take something classic and make it modern – like a cat eye, but making it purple instead of black”
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Tropical Fusion – revisited

I have a love-hate relationship with my Cover Girl Tropical Fusion palette. I love the bright colours, but I hate how the pigments colour pay-off isn’t that great and it hardly stays on the skin! I’ve done a tutorial using this palette here, but I feel that I need to re-do it with more punch
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A Hint of Mint

I saw a picture of a really cool eye makeup on my facebook a few days a go, and I told myself that I was going to do an inspired look by that makeup this weekend. So I did! I didn’t save the picture and I don’t remember who posted that look, but what I
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Mangorange for Spring 2012

Just to keep up with the Spring theme from last week, I’ve been loving these pastel eyeshadow looks from the Spring 2012 runways, especially when the weather is quite moody outside. Today, I decided to finally try my Sisley Phyto-ombre eclat eyeshadow in Mango! I bought this shadow last year, but it was cast aside
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Richard Chai Love rtw 2012 Inspired

I was reading Glow magazine and on the very last page, I saw a picture of a model with bright pink eyeshadow from Richard Chai Love runway show. I love it and decided to copy the look. I can’t seem to be able to find the picture on the website, but if you are holding
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What’s better than a red lips look, you ask? Why, it’s the orange lips look for the upcoming spring/summer season! I was quite hesitant as how I was going to approach this look, since I find the orange colour might not be as flattering as the pretty models on the runway. I mustered the courage
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Bobbi’s Spring Picks by Bobbi Brown

It has been almost 3 weeks ever since I craved for the Rose Gold collection by Bobbi Brown. Today, I finally managed to get my hands on the cream shadow! At first, I only wanted to get the Rose Gold Long-Wear Cream Shadow, but, the sales girl told me that I’m better off with the
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Turquoise me up!

It is without a doubt that the weather in Hamilton has been pretty gloomy lately. Walking under the rain and getting a split headache continuously for 2 days is a definite no fun! To help me brighten up my mood and forget about my headache for a while, I decided to use a similar turquoise
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