Classic Smoky Eyes using Urban Decay Naked Basics

I’ve been wanting to do a classic black smoky makeup tutorial, but I ran out of my MAC Carbon eyeshadow. Then, I remembered I have Urban Decay Naked Basics, and I wanted to give the palette another try. I wasn’t sure how the black eyeshadow from this palette is going to work, since I do […]

UD Naked Ultimate Basics Review & Swatches

As promised, here’s a short UD Naked Ultimate Basics Review & Swatches. I’m sure by now, everyone already sees reviews from other youtubers and beauty bloggers, so I’ll be doing just a simple short review about this palette. Read more below to find out my personal experience and honest opinion regarding this palette. Don’t forget […]

UD Naked Ultimate Basics Look #1

Today’s UD Naked Ultimate Basics look is perfect for Fall! Warm halo eyes paired with brick red lips, reminiscent of Autumn leaves! Fall is definitely¬†the time to break out those warm browns and play around with darker lip colours. Anyways, watch the tutorial below or read more for the step-by-step pictorial! Don’t forget to check […]

Product of The Week: UD Naked 3 Review

Finally, I get the chance to do the UD Naked 3 review! As you all know, I LOVE this Naked 3 palette. I’ve done several tutorials with this palette- Rose Smoky Eyes, UD Look#2, Berry lips, and Rose Smoky Eyes 3. I do owned the other 3 palettes, Naked 1, Naked 2, and Naked Basics. […]

Smokey Winged Eyeliner

I’ve been wearing trying out a new look last week, and this smokey winged eyeliner look seems to have gotten quite a lot of compliments. I followed quite a few beauty gurus on Instagram and Youtube, and Samantha from Batalash posted a smokey eyeliner video. I loved how it ended up, and I re-created this […]

Wearable Purple Eye Makeup

How is everyone this week? It’s been really cold here in Canada! If you are anywhere in the colder region, keep yourself warm, yes?! Anyways, due to the cold gloomy weather, I wanted to create a look in which I incorporated a little bit of colour. I’ve decided to do a wearable purple eye makeup. […]

Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

Today black smokey eye tutorial is a requested look by¬† Nurina, who asked for a Taylor Momsen look. I decided to do Taylor’s signature look – the black smokey eyes. Anyways, I’ve done something similar to this look in my Classic Smoky Eyes using UD Naked post. Since this tutorial is a bit more intense, […]

Basic Smoky

Another tutorial using Urban Decay Naked Basics palette! Don’t forget to check a more neutral, day-makeup tutorial using UD Naked Basics palette on my last post. This time I decided to do my go-to smoky eyes makeup! This look is so simple and easy. I tend to do very simple makeup on myself because I’m […]

Neutrally Blue

I LOVE Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette! There, I said it! At first I thought that the UD Naked Basics is just another hype. I mean, I like my UD Naked 1 and 2, but I didn’t love it. I thought that the Naked Basics would be another palette that’s just so-so. Boy, was I […]

Warm Smoky Eyes with Oxblood Lips

Today’s I’m pairing a warm smoky eyes with oxblood lips, what?! Since when I paired smoky eyes with bold lips?! Well, since this smoky eyes are not that heavy, I felt that I could get away with the bold lips. However, if you aren’t a fan, keep watching the tutorial or read more below to […]