Japanese Hangover Makeup ft. Shu Uemura Nude Atelier Warm Palette

I’ve been wanting to create this Japanese Hangover Makeup look for a while, and I thought it’s only right that I use mostly Japanese brand (Shu Uemura, duh what else) for this hangover look. For the eye makeup, I’m using my brand new Shu Uemura Nude Atelier Warm Palette! Read more below and watch the […]

Purple Smoky Eyes ft. Shu Uemura Blushing Beige

Another glitter look but today I’m doing a Purple Smoky eyes with Glitter liner! Seems like I’m on a glitter roll lately, eh? Anyways, today I’m going back to Shu Uemura Blushing Beige palette since I feel that this palette is under appreciated. A viewer on my Youtube channel also requested more looks using this […]

Shu Uemura Blushing Beige Palette

I apologized for not getting back to blogging regularly! Summer is just a busy season, and it seems that I need more than 24-hour! Anyways, I promised 2 weeks a go that I’ll be posting swatches on the Shu Uemura Blushing Beige palette, and so here we go.¬†For today’s post, I also added Shu Uemura […]

Shu Uemura Blushing Beige Palette Tutorial #1

Today’s tutorial is all about looking soft, fresh and glowing, which would be perfect for those of you who have to attend Summer Wedding, or even for Summer Brides. For this look, I’m using my new Shu Uemura Blushing Beige palette, and if you’ve followed me on Instagram, you’d know that I’ve posted the picture […]

Shu Uemura Pastel Fantasy Makeup Tutorial #1

https://youtu.be/yHUFLJ3lUioVideo can’t be loaded: Shu Uemura Pastel Fantasy (https://youtu.be/yHUFLJ3lUio) The newest Shu Uemura Pastel Fantasy Collection for Spring/Summer 2016 is to die for! These pastel colors are so pretty!!!! To be honest I thought when I bought the products I was going to end up with chalky eyeshadows, but nooope I was totally wrong. Anyways, […]

Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsune Look #3

Another day, another look using Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsune Holiday collection 2015! I’ve done 2 smoky eyes using Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsune Indigo palette (Grey Smoky & Blue Smoky), and this will be my third look. I’ll try to do a review and swatches of the Indigo palette next week. For this look, […]

Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation Review

As the weather gets colder and my skin gets drier, I’ve been craving for a more luminous dewy skin. For this reason, I’ve recently picked up the Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation, and used it on myself for couple days. As you know, I was picked as one of the winners for the Shu Uemura Haute […]

Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura Smoky Eyes

Another look using Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura Indigo eye/cheek palette! This time, I really wanted to showcase the gorgeous blue eyeshadow fron the palette, so I created this blue smoky eyes look! This look is super easy to recreate, and it’s a really fresh take on a non-black smoky eyes.The only product that is […]

Shu Uemura Maison Kitsune Indigo Palette

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time for the Holiday looks! I recently bought Shu Uemura Maison Kitsue Indigo palette, which is part of Shu Uemura’s 2015 Holiday collection, and this palette shall opens my Holiday looks for 2015! I bought several other products from the collection, but for today I’ll only use the palette. […]